Roof Pavers

Roof Pavers New York
Roof Pavers New York

One of the advantages of the roof paver system is that a roof paver can be replaced individually since one or more are damaged. For its manufacture ppoca machinery is used that is generally a vibrocompactadora, what allows that in a same day our clients can enjoy this great service for more than 40 years if so it wishes since they possess a great resistance apt for diversity of transit and to be applied on roofs a lot more.

We carry out a complete paving design of cobbles necessary to cover the requirements and needs for which it will be built.

At BKNY Roofing we are experts in the manufacture of roof pavers, with different styles and designs to give a touch to the rooftop terraces or roof of your residence.

The pavers can be easily lifted to access the underlying surface for repair and maintenance services. Roof pavers are usually made of two types of concrete or rubber materials. By using these pavers, roofs and roofing can now be more attractive, safe and functional. Tile pavers provide durability, better performance and protection against adverse weather conditions. The roof paver slabs are available in a variety of colors and designs, and the surface can be polished to reshape the exterior.

We offer a fully adjustable and flexible paving method by easily overcoming differences and heights and falls to produce a level surface. We have a team of supervisors and experienced staff that will guarantee the success of each job.

We work on a variety of roofing projects that could be required in the future: Waterproofing, EPDM Roofing, Green Roofing, Seamless Roofing and much more. Contact us and receive the best quotes.