Green Roofing

Green Roofing New York
Green Roofing New York

In today's competitive world, green roofs have become an increasingly important option for industrial, commercial and residential customers to turn dead and dull places into green and living spaces. BKNY Roofing services can help provide an efficient solution for green roof construction and green roof maintenance services. Green roofs provide many psychological and physiological health benefits and contribute to a sustainable environment by reducing urban heat and decreasing carbon footprints in buildings. 

Not only do they provide aesthetic pleasure, water storm management and water absorption, but they also provide greater isolation, climate cooling and habitat for wildlife. The complete upper green roofs also cover the needs of waterproofing and insulation as in a normal flat roof.

We apply complete services Green Roofing our timely, affordable and competent service, in the five boroughs of New York, allows us to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients with a sense of urgency and dedication.

We also offer: Roof Pavers, Waterproofing, skylights, Flat Roofing, complete installation, repair and replacement of roofs and much more.

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