Danger Leaky Roof

Danger Leaky Roof
Danger Leaky Roof

When it comes to home improvement and maintenance projects, there are some projects that you can postpone and others that should be addressed immediately. However, a roof leak should always be one of those projects that is at the top of the priority list. Roof leaks can develop for a wide variety of different reasons, ranging from improper installation to storm damage and even just lack of general maintenance. 

You may be wondering why it is so important to take care of that leaking roof before building your patio or remodeling your kitchen. Well, did you know that having a dripping roof is not just a structural problem for your home, it even endangers your health and the safety of your home? The leakage of water that enters through your roof eventually makes its way into all the different areas of your home. 

Our Bronx roofing contractors have included a brief list of some of the hazards a leaking roof can pose to your home:

Damage to the attic and the roof

The first spaces that inevitably receive most of the damage caused by a leak in the roof are your attic and its roof, as well as any of the items and belongings stored there. If your house does not have an attic or if the roof leakage is particularly large, the interior ceiling could also be damaged. When water drips to the ceiling, the paint will begin to discolor, the plaster will crack and the area may begin to bubble or sink. This damage can be aggravated if the water is allowed to reach ceiling fans or lights.

Mold and fungi inside

One of the most important long-term consequences of water damage in your home is the growth of mold and mildew that normally follows your path. Mold can spread through your home, carried by the HVAC system of your home, finding areas to grow and cause damage between your furniture, carpets and even clothing. Black mold is the most common type of mold growth that results from water damage. While the toxic type is quite rare, even the non-toxic mold will ruin wooden frames, ceiling tiles and anything on your walls or floors. Getting rid of mold once it has been installed is an expensive and difficult task. Structural integrity compromised.

One of the most obvious consequences of having a leaking roof is the damage you can expect to suffer from its beams, roof beams, wall frames and exterior moldings. When you have a constant flow of water entering through your roof, constant exposure to water will cause the wood to weaken and deteriorate. This rotten wooden frame on your roof can cause some serious structural problems, allowing you to face high repair costs for wooden frames. The longer this rotten wood is allowed to remain, the greater the possibility that one day the supports of its roof may come off completely, leading to a collapse of the roof that can damage or harm anyone or anything trapped under the.

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