Seamless Roofing System

Seamless Roofing System, New York.
Seamless Roofing System, New York.

The seamless roof system is a unique roof system that is designed from concept to completion to provide strength, durability and weather resistance, and offers a cost-effective and maintenance-free construction solution. They are preferable in other roofs due to permanent waterproofing, long life, self-sustainability and walking ability. This roof system can be joined using a locking system. Eliminates the damaging effects of thermal movement.

It also provides design flexibility and fire resistance. When properly installed and maintained, it will stop leaks after covering specified leaks and cracks. It can withstand all weather conditions, from saltwater regions to snow in the upper mountains, rainforests and deserts. It is available in many types, such as aged spray applied foam and coating and concrete systems.

The seamless ceiling system offered by BKNY Roofing uses laminated panels that join the structural substrate through a hidden method that allows its use in many applications, from low ceilings to vertical or horizontal walls. Seamless roof systems can be insulated to be energy efficient and meet local markets. The reduction of energy loss will not only reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions, but will also reduce the actual cost of the building itself by reducing the size of the refrigeration and air treatment plants.

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